• Temptation,
    Breaking down your walls of security.

    The only thing your mind can see.

    Can you break,
    those comatose thoughts?
    Can you take,
    Everything in stride?

    Looking around
    At What went wrong,
    Nothing is clear,
    Outside that bong

    Water drips down,
    All laid waist.
    Lovers through quarrels,
    But not from hate.

    Is just a phone call away;
    But you don't have that will today.
    What's this all for;
    Your hidden pain?

    The one thing that never shows.

    The only thing that comes and goes.

    Lovers and Haters.
    Dealers and Traders.
    All apart of this commodity;
    Hidden deep within people's insecurity.

    You have fallen.
    Dug yourself a grave,
    Now you get on your knees and pray
    For your salvation?

    Sympathy is a craving now you seek.
    See it in your eyes that
    Scream for a way out of this endless hell.

    Something forgotten a long time ago.

    A word that has no meaning anymore.