• to loss
    to have someone stripped away
    someone i care so dearly and deeply for
    is truely the worlds worst pain
    it doesn't sink in
    my mind can't seem to wrapp around the thought
    of this person
    this love
    being gone
    never to see again
    never to laugh again
    never to hold again
    he's gone
    as this horrid truth becomes real
    the true pain sets in
    the knife inside begins to twist
    the regrets
    the what if's
    the wishes
    the tears
    the rivers never end
    as the hole grows deeper, blacker
    the pain, unbearable
    seems to never cease

    you must remember
    the world still spins Round
    life still moves on
    the pain will always remain
    yet to have known
    to have loved
    and to have been loved
    is worth every bit of this torment
    the times we had
    the love we shared
    are never to be forgotten
    i will live through this despair
    You will never be forgotten
    and never be replaced

    Cory James Carter
    my best friend
    my boyfriend
    the man i love
    Rest In Peace