• Apples for Oranges

    The left apple
    For the rite orange
    Rolling up the Hill
    Free wheeling;
    Sloppy dealing
    Apples for oranges
    But only there is too,
    Few apples
    So many oranges
    And I take them blue

    Rant in Poem Form

    Eating the sleep
    Begging the sheep
    Please, in the cages
    Houses and wages
    Rent payed to your lord
    Rent payed to the Lord
    Being told
    You are sold
    Into the flab
    Apart of the fold


    I have no hands, this jar is impossible
    Its colour makes the feeling miserable
    Now I am blue, like the contents I'm without
    The landscape is brighter now, looking about
    Peaking from the horizon, a fire ball
    Born and died from nightfall
    Showing me where I stand, a berry patch
    The many colours in my hand I snatch
    I weep where I stand