• Come with me and take my hand
    as we step into this united land
    were all are free and stars shine so bright and
    we look at a struggling life,
    by a piece of thread they hang,
    for the sympathy
    of someone giving her son a piece of bread.

    When the winter comes, the torture
    hurts like the piercing pain of a simple splinter
    as she struggles to find warmth for her loved one
    but her struggles reflect that of a forest bear that also
    struggles when the winter
    turns into a nightmare.

    she sees more backs turned than a dictator has ever recieved
    "do i carry a disease? am i decieved or the deciever?
    after all that i tried
    i find out you don't love, so
    i find some of what you teach suspect because im used to relying on intellect
    but i try to open up to what i don't know
    because my baby's heart has me tied up by the bow . But i sit here and
    he whispers to me."'mommy take me to the nearest faraway place there can be so than you can never miss me and hold me in your arms so tight, our hearts become one."

    so capture a clue
    and you will see that all should be thought with love and love it shall always be