• I watch in pain
    I feel my mind call out “Stop it!’

    I can’t do anything. I’m frozen like a piece of ice.
    I see what she’s going to do but I can’t move

    Will she feel it?
    Will she cry?

    I reach out towards her, but it’s too late.
    She’s gone.

    I hear a sickening crack.
    I can’t decide if that was her
    Or my heart.

    I hear that sound again and again
    It echoes in my mind.

    The tears fall faster.
    I grab my head. Trying to make the sound go away.

    She’s a shadow of my past.
    And like everything from my past
    It leaves me crying and lost.

    Time passes by

    Now I’m just a hollow shell.
    No emotion
    No feelings

    Could I be called human?
    Should I be human?
    I really don’t know.

    I don’t feel alive.
    I don’t feel at all.

    And all because that side of me decided…

    To Jump.