• no way here

    narrow path to Love
    That people constanly cross
    she had tried herself
    further she goes, I just get lost.

    shadowing love clawing her down.
    but she wont go.

    a unique place
    her screams shatter the glass
    she once was contained in
    no help wanted to clean up the tears.

    a soft whisper in the right ear,
    to know she's alive all I can do is hear
    and she falls deep into her past.
    currents slowly pulling
    the waves to high, why swim, but she can't fly

    Well a locket tied around her neck.
    one knot, maybe two but it can't be removed
    Well this isn't a board game, her moves are graceful.
    What if her battle is lost, but she'll always be faitful,