• Out of sight, she hides.
    She just wants to be
    She just wants to die.

    Everyday she wonders why?
    She sits by herself underneath a tree.
    Tears fill her eyes so she can barley see.
    Knees to her chest
    Eyes shut tight
    Multiple thoughts running through her head
    She lets out a faint cry
    A sob
    A mournful sigh
    She wonders why she even tries

    There's something wrong with me, she thinks,
    I will never be good enough
    Why am I so desperate? So dumb? So naive?

    She's in her favorite place.
    Underneath her favorite tree.
    She wishes she could be a cloud, just going with the breeze.

    Heart, halo and wings -bent and broken.
    Her love for him has been spoken.
    She wants to quit dreaming, wishing, longing, hoping.
    With pain like this, there's just no coping.

    She wishes he could see how much she loved him,
    How much she wanted him,
    How much she needed him.
    All she wants to do is be alone with him.

    His kiss
    His taste of his breath
    His touch
    The scent of his clothes...

    She misses it all.
    She misses him.
    Her patience is wearing thin.
    Tears sting on her skin.
    She can't take anymore.

    No longer is her heart open.
    Shes crushed.

    Why does this happen to me? she thinks once again.
    Theres no words to explain how she feels.
    He's torn her apart.
    Thrown her out.
    Beat her down to the ground.

    A love is lost
    And will never again be found.
    Shes a girl who just wants to be loved.
    In her tears, the dark, the rain she drowns.