• For quite some time, I've been searching for the perfect piece to finish up my puzzle.

    It was just recently that I found you, and you seemed to fit into the jigsaw that was my life.

    But when I went to put you into the puzzle, some edges didn't quite match up. I cut corners and edges, trying my hardest to conform you to the best size.

    And you proceeded to get up and gathered all the cut pieces.

    "I'm sorry, love. I just can't do this. It seems that I don't belong here. It was nice knowing you..."

    And I cried, begged, and pleaded for you to stay. But all the tears in the world couldn't stop you from leaving.

    So now I sit alone in front of my life's puzzle. All I need is that one last piece.

    Does he fit into my puzzle: The new piece who I stumbled upon one day, who touched my heart and vowed to love me forever?

    I'm not sure. But for the time being, my love, I'll always be here in the shadows.