• you came into my life
    and set my love off
    like a fire cracker it flew so high for you
    all I want is for you to be my wife.

    I watch you and my best friend play
    I sat back and said nothing
    although I hated it, everyday
    I should of spoke up, but I said nothing.

    then he moved
    and I moved into your heart
    finally happy at last
    but then something tore us apart.

    just one year it'll be fine
    but I’ll miss you
    I’ll miss you too
    that good bye was not very divine.

    I lost so much sleep
    just lying there thinking about you
    a few others pass through my mind
    but pass is all they could do.

    one year thirteen days I counted
    one day I saw you
    all I could do is stand there
    now I realized I am a fool.

    many months passed
    but few words
    no real life hellos or good byes
    it's the untold story of bees and birds.

    then 3 months not a hi
    it was all my fault
    but your the one that paid
    although my grace you kept me in your heart.

    today you tell me the story of Ty
    Ty is he a nice guy
    I just want you to be happy
    although really, I despise this guy.

    I love you and I hope you know that
    I love you it's a fact
    I want to be with you the rest of my life
    all I want is for you to be my wife.