• He told me not to give up on love
    That he was sure I would be the one he was to be aside of
    I was sure he was perfect
    and I would be his one and only subject

    Six months and I was happy
    But on the inside i was achy
    Knowing I had missed out on the one he had forbid me to see
    How could I lead a perfect life without the one I felt I was really meant to be

    I soon then forgot about the one I had lost
    As much as I had known it cost
    but then I found that he had cheated and lied
    and then left with just a sigh

    Now I am forgotten and the one I love is gone
    and I will again be withdrawn
    from the horrible world of love and heartbreak
    but I can't help to think It's all just a big mistake

    I want the one I loved first
    but the fact that I feel not good enough to try is the worst
    So I guess I'll just live the rest of my life alone
    And when I do die "a lonesome and forgotten heart" will be printed on the stone.