• Nothing but pain

    One by one the drops of blood,
    fall from a slit wrist,
    never ending drops of red,
    fall endlessly like a great big flood,
    all the pain turns to the bed,
    where you wait for another heartache to begin,
    but what is pain if you cant feel numb,
    what is life without a little game?

    They say they were sorry once before,
    that's all they can say forever more,
    Tears fall from your eyes,
    as you wish for the goodbyes,
    A broken heart lashes out,
    screaming because it's up and about,
    drowning itself in a sea of blood,
    that is all there is but pain and supposed love,

    Dont listen when they say they love you,
    really in truth it's all a lie,
    Causing more and more hurt each day,
    why cant this pain just go away?

    The pain is really nothing inside,
    but a broken heart and a contended sigh,
    Love is never meant to be,
    If you dont have feelings for me,
    So one by one a cut appears,
    from a dripping blade mixed in with tears,
    Peace doesnt exist like it did back then,
    Did the lion ever fall in love with the lamb,
    or was it all just a never ending lie,

    Happiness doesnt happen without care,
    would you really dare,
    to defy me,
    or would you rather have it all be adream from which you can not wake up?
    as you drift away inside,
    the pain and happiness turns to lies.....