• The Lost Child, out in the bitter cold with no one around.
    She has no friends, no family, but the trees, who surround.
    But no, not even the trees, give a helping hand.
    The Lost Child sleeps on the unforgiving land.
    The moon gives her a warm, glowing light so that she can find a way,
    To make it through the hardships that she faces everyday.
    And as the sun sets, she sees the moon rise
    Who tells her great things, teachings that are wise.

    " Do not doubt my child, for not everyday you shall get praise,"
    " Even I, the Great Moon, is sometimes blocked by a haze."
    " Do not worry my child, though your dreams may look far,"
    " For you and I shall shine the brightest, not even a fellow star."
    " Come with me my child, together we can show the world,"

    " And we can grow together, our talents both unfurled."
    And so be the Lost Children, who were still in there cocoon,
    Transformed into a butterfly, and a child of the moon.