• We've been together for these few years
    And you've been by my side
    And even though you wiped away my tears
    This has been a memorable part of my life
    Time goes so fast, and it never lasts
    As long as you would like it to

    Without you here beside me, I don't know what I'll do
    Without you here to guide me, I will not have a clue
    And I just wanna say so you know
    That I'll find it hard to cope
    Without you, without you

    You're a wonderful person and your friendship's great
    You deserve the best I believe
    Words can't describe how much I appreciate
    Everything you've done for me
    The time you have to go will hit me hard
    I'm not ready for that day


    You've become a big part of my life
    I'm not about to let that fall
    I promise you that even after you leave
    You'll still be in my heart
    I won't forget you at all

    Chrous x2