• You think you know, but you dont,
    you say you care, but you dont show,
    I feel unloved, unknown,
    say your life is worse,
    say Im being dramatic,
    but in the end,
    you are the dramatic one!
    every problem that you have,
    will one day blow over,
    but you can never be free of the feelings that I have,
    the ones left behind,
    not by lovers,
    but by family, that just doesnt understand,
    and now even you think that Im not really mad!
    as I write this,
    and tears roll down my cheeks,
    I hope you know that you have come amiss,
    I hope you realize,
    your to blame for this!

    (ok, so its rumble tumble, and I may seem mellow dramatic, but this is how I feel! crying )