• Oh,
    How soft and tenderly
    You are
    As wicked as can be
    Oh how
    Could you do this to me (darling)?

    You see,
    I was a love-struck fool
    And you
    Made every single Rule
    And I
    Could never do things right
    For you

    ~Everything was just way too perfect
    Cut it down, you'll learn you were all it
    All the things I wish I could do
    Were never good
    Never right
    Never, Never~

    Were you so Devious?
    Don't you
    See you were breaking us
    Did I ever mean something
    To you...?

    We were
    All most Perfect
    But you
    Had to go ruin it
    What was
    Your purpose anyway
    My love?

    ~My love, my darliong
    What happened to us?
    I'm falling, I'm dying
    And everything's in dust

    You're hopeless, you're deathly
    I bid you ado
    I hate you, I love you
    What happened to our cue?~

    --Don't forget how we used to be
    Don't forget what we were
    Don't forget that we loved each other
    Now...it's all a blur--