• There's a guy I know.
    He's smart as hell.
    But because of his ignorance
    He always ends up in the same place.

    Don't get me wrong, I won't lie.
    I will love this man tiill the day I die.
    I'm not always proud
    Of the things he does.
    But he can succeed
    In whatever he does.

    He has the ability
    To go and be a man.
    But he rather hang out, chill, be a bum,
    Like everyone can.
    He can make something out of himself,
    But he doesn't
    So I sometimes think
    He's a brat, or a snot.

    I will say it again
    He's not by far
    A retard.
    He can do anything
    Accomplish anything
    Be anything.

    What can I say,
    It's fun to chill and have fun.
    But there comes a time to grow up,
    Be responsible, stop being a bum!

    I know for a fact,
    He has the ability to do it too.

    If you haven't figured it out yet,
    Bro, I'm talking about you dude.

    The fun and games have to stop.
    Otherwise You'll be locked up in prison,
    Walking around with a mop.

    Man, you know I'm not lieing
    So hear me out.
    Get out of jail and stop messing around.
    Get a job and don't be a bum.
    Make a life for yourself.
    And stop all you bs.

    Be the person I know you can be
    Time to grow up and be the man.
    Just like I know you can...