• First comes fear
    Where will I go?
    What will I do?
    Can I make it?
    What will they say?
    So many questions mar your way
    They haunt you like a plague
    Hanging 'round your mind
    Consuming you in panic
    In worry
    In tears of hopeless fear

    Then the woes subside
    Within your core shall arise
    The bursting feeling you never can quench
    That blossoming life within you

    Starting off small
    How can one notice?
    Such a tiny little thing is easy to ignore
    But my baby, my sweet darling angel
    You didn't let me ignore you for long

    You grew and grew
    And so did I
    Noticeably I expanded
    Questioning eyes passed over me
    And I smiled
    I rivaled the sun with my prideful grin
    My eyes happily twinkled like a thousand stars
    And my tender, loving hands rested always
    Over that blossoming life within me

    Now little baby, many await you
    But don't you be afraid
    There will be many to line your path
    No harm will come to you
    A life will await you
    And I'll stay beside you
    As I have from the begining

    No matter who you are
    Or what you do
    No matter where you go
    Or who you see
    Mommy will hold you in her warm embrace
    Just as I have
    Since your soul came to Earth
    In that warm, excited, joyful
    Blossoming life within me