• They say one word
    I think of you
    Trying to stay off the subject,
    Staying away from the topic,
    Ignoring the things that they teach me.
    Every memory of you,
    Every unspoken word,
    Every thought brings the blood to my cheeks.
    After the day,
    Before the day,
    Romance to romance.
    It's been almost a year now, do you still remember?
    I couldn't focus
    And I still can't.
    Fretting the large things,
    Ignoring the small,
    I've been trying to forget
    But it only brings me back.
    You don't care.
    You didn't care.
    Would there be a chance?
    If you responded
    Would you mean it?
    Romance to romance.
    People putting words in my mouth,
    Taking yours away.
    Please don't go away.
    You scared me last time.
    Until then,
    I'll have to wait
    For you to be mine.