• Not gonna waste my time dreaming,
    on something thats a not meant to be,
    hard to imagine,
    you'd even glance at a girl like me.
    Roses and letters, wanted to send,
    but it would just hurt me in the end.

    you're the song that I'm singing,
    you're the reason that I cry,
    don't know why i still believed,
    that you even tried

    Love is a thing,
    that I can't erase,
    but in your heart, there is not enough space (yeah yeah)
    Did you ever think about,
    what you are without,
    when your not sitting next to me,
    i needed you, and you let me down,
    took my dreams and found a way to--break it all,
    i'm not even picking up the pieces

    Verse 2-
    thought your words,
    can''t be heard,
    I see right through your shadow.
    can't be strong,
    when you go along, with the crowd,
    hiding who you -are,
    everything is torn apart,
    especially my broken heart,
    can't you see what you've done,
    can't you see that you have won


    Pretend i don't care,
    but crying inside,
    wishing you would give me a chance, before I leave this town,
    every part of me, is nothing without you,
    and I can't seem to not care


    Verse 3-
    If your sitting there worrying about me,
    its all said and done,
    don't need a man who won't take my hand when,
    everything goes wrong.
    won't forgive, I'll forget,
    the latest out of my regrets ohohoh

    Refrain 1x slow