• What is true love..? a word to tell when two spirits conect? or a wishful thought that mabye.. just mabye we as people are not alone.

    Do you beleive in Love? or is it a myth that only exists in stories and fairy tales..
    This is what i ask, for this is a true thought. would you love less the person who can not love at all? would you curse that person to be alone simply because they do not know how to love? many would say yes.. many more would say no.

    These Questions i ask are simple.. and yet so complex. for is it possible for someone to love me, when i do not know if i can love again.. of course these are just the silly rambleings of a poetic heart, never to be read beyond an idle glance. i could live a hundred years, forever young, and never meet the person of my heart.. and it seems that such a life is to be mine, but i will live it because it is mine to live.

    So i ask again.. do you beleive in love? that two can share a bond, and that all are deserveing of such an emotion..? Alas, this is for the readers of this page to decide.. for if they do not know the answer to these questions for themselves.. who will?