• Every night I'd look at the stars
    Wishing for her

    Every night I'd cry
    Tears soaked up by the pages of my diary
    On them feelings, thoughts and dreams
    They're being washed away like graffiti on a rainy day
    I wish she'd listen to what I have to say

    Everyday I'd see her
    So wise, so unique, so creative, so gorgeous
    I couldn't talk to her
    She was mad at me
    It was as if she left me behind
    A worthless porcelain doll on a high shelf, gathering dust
    Tears of glass stung and burned
    Rolled down my face
    Shattered onto my skin
    Bits and pieces of broken glass that could never be fixed
    Cuts and deep wounds that would never heal

    All the feelings I have for her are real

    When a person is inlove, they are willing to do anything for that special someone
    Even if it means ending they're life
    For her, I'd end mine.

    I'm a girl so sad
    I want her so much, so bad
    I miss her and the good times we had

    She hates me.
    I want to be dead
    I wanna disappear

    I close my eyes and listen to the rain
    I think of her and I'm taken over by a wave of humiliation and shame
    I made a huge mistake
    Anymore of this I can't take

    My world has fallen apart
    Burried under countless feet of rubble
    Rebuilding it is impossible
    Destroyed by an enormous earthquake

    The rush of the ocean
    I wish the waves could take me down
    I wanna sink far beneath the surface
    And drown

    She'll never know how much I love her
    She'll never know how much she means to me
    No person will ever take her place
    For her, I'd sacrifice my life, time and space
    I miss seeing her beautiful face

    Even though my feelings for her has torn us far apart
    They're will never be a day she won't have a special place in my heart
    I will love her forever, until the end of time