• Don't fight it
    I tell my self
    you love him
    Don't fight it
    He looks over and smiles
    he dosen't love me
    fight it! my mind screams
    no says my heart don't fight it
    pain , pain.....it feels like I am in flames
    I am fighting love
    its hard, to hard hold on
    later I walk up to him
    I love you I say
    you do really.....I am sorry I don't love you he says
    fight it, fight it! I hate you!!!
    what! no I don't......
    he smiles and walks away
    what happend
    I fought it why how?
    I love him, and now he is gone....forever
    why,why? did I fight love
    It was to strong for me
    He comes back sits down and says,
    if you love me you'll let me fly, if you love me you'll let me go
    fly away from here and never return
    I can't I love you.....please don't go
    he looks me in the eyes and says I love you
    I have always loved you, so I let you go my love
    I fought it.
    I threw myself on him and he held me,
    I said why would I go when everything I want is holding me
    He said I don't know
    we gazed at eachother,
    his warm lips press against mine
    and I press back
    I did not fight it he did, Don't fight love you can't