• The sun sets over the horizon
    The mono notecis the sun growing weak
    He take his chance and snatchs the power, the power to create the main light

    You stand there wondering how to get through the day
    Standing there you freeze
    You notice something
    The world is just not right
    Suddenly the earth freezes
    You are the only one who sees the comming doom

    The sun ceces to exsist
    The moon grabs hold of the power and refuses to let go

    evrything is silent
    A loud crack breaks the silence
    The earth has killed itself to avoid the ever impending darkness

    The earth is dead
    and the moon looks in horror on what he has done
    The moon looks back a the dead sun
    Which is now a pile of ash in the dark sky

    It's comming, it's comming fast
    Do you see it?