• Dear him,
    there's to much to think about.
    i think my mind is about to explode.
    i couldn't just give you time.
    I had to go out and be a c**t.
    i can come to you for anything.
    I want you in my life.
    I love you.... more then anyone could ever imagine.
    im shedding tears for you as you fade away.
    make up runs down my face.
    If i was lying.
    why would i try this hard...
    to get you to notice me.
    i didnt know what type you liked.
    so i tried everyone.
    but i just noticed.
    that the real me is your type.
    ive been trying to hard. for nothing.
    im sorry.
    i wanted you to be happy.
    but i just caused you misery and pain.
    love me.... and maybe.... just maybe...
    something will go right.
    Love, Her