• i hear the voices in my head
    they speak to me
    but no one understands
    they talk to me
    they talk to me.................

    I hear em' coming
    But it's all in my head
    I see them dying
    Then i see em' dead
    I hear them walking
    down the road
    so they welcome me
    to their humble abode

    I hear voices in my head
    the speak to me
    they understand
    they talk to me
    they talk to me...........

    The voices tell me to be strong
    As I kill em' all
    I felt so wrong
    but when I killed him it lit me up
    tore me down inside I was going to throw up

    Couple of days later I found evil
    My dad died and I was convinced
    In this world too many bad people

    The voices tell me what to do
    be careful or they'll tell me how to kill you

    they talk to me.................