• You took my life
    And flipped it around
    You made my soul
    Want to stay bound

    I'm not the same
    And I know you know why
    But it gets to me
    Just how much you lie

    You hurt me
    Deep, deep down you did
    And the only thing I wish I could have done
    ....Was hid

    You just don't know
    The pain that I go through
    With everything I have done
    Everything I do

    I cry
    I scream
    Only to wake up
    And realize it isn't a dream

    My life has changed
    Because of what you've done
    And every time I see you
    I just want to run

    You made me how I am
    Every bit and piece
    Making me want to curse you
    Just to say the least

    The things I could call you
    The words I could say
    Just to see you in pain
    Would really make my day

    All I want is to be me again
    The laughs and smiles
    But I will never be that way again
    Not for a long while