• Lay in the lies you’ve been told.
    Lay in everything you’ve been told.
    I can’t take anything back.
    I can’t say anything to make it feel better.
    Denial in your voice I can’t stop but say something.
    My voice is gone.
    Tape around my mouth cant be helpful in anyway.
    My hands tide behind my back.
    I can’t say a word to stop you.
    I can’t set your soul free to fly in the heaven we all came to know.
    This mistake might be your last.
    Don’t keep your breath in for to long.
    You might choke and find yourself.
    Providence brought you here.
    Providence can take you out.
    Be careful about what you say.
    Be careful about how you move.
    One last step can be the end.
    Try to care about what will happen to you.
    Don’t worry about me.
    I’ll be okay.
    Just worry about what your goal is and put that in front.
    What will be next?
    Your life or mine.
    You never know………

    Just coming to know you made me feel happy.
    Just to see you happy gives me butterflies.
    But that’s rarely.
    I want you to smile once in your life.
    I want to make you smile.
    Smile for me?
    All I want to do is hug you tight and never let go.
    But would deny my request?
    I hope not but.
    I think its time to let go.
    Of this dream that I’ve head for months.
    Just tell me that you love me.
    Or don’t say it at all.
    I just want to hear your voice on the telephone.
    And all I want to hear you say.
    Is that you love me.
    I want to have love battles with you.
    I want you to wipe the tears away every time I cry
    Promise me that I’m yours.