• I liked a guy and the guy liked me too ,
    he was so sweet,
    he said "baby,i love u"

    when i saw him kissing another girl,
    he broke my heart.
    he broke my world.

    I walked out of the room,he didnt care
    I cried on my bed,
    i messed up my hair.

    i said to myself he hadnt mattered.
    A guy came up to me,
    and i was flattered.

    "Your the prettiest girl i've ever seen" ,
    i thought he was lieing.
    i thouht he was being mean.

    I said to him "back off" he followed me,
    he called my name,
    he grabbed my hand so softly.
    I was scared for life the day before.
    i was sick of guys.
    i couldnt take it anymore.

    he kept on trying he's so sweet.
    He sent me candy n flowers
    so we could just meet.

    We finnaly did and it was great
    hes not smooth but hes mine
    call it true love call it fate

    I can't say i dont love him, he's my honeybun.
    So i should say thank you
    and thank u #1.