• Stone cold eyes coming
    out with the darkness embrace.
    The stone cold eyes
    come out only in the shadows
    of the night.
    Nobody knows what the one with
    the stone cold eyes looks like.
    Some say its a lizard,a fox, a night beast!
    Well those explanations
    are wrong, they belong to
    a young beautiful maiden that only
    comes out at night, she comes
    in her cave, but she never resist
    until she finds
    the one who broke her heart.
    But any man who wants to
    and tries to be her man, they
    tie her up and she always
    thinks to herself "pathetic humans
    don't know my power I hold."
    So they witness the power and the humans
    burn to ashes as she out with
    only a few cuts a scrapes. The
    owner of the stone cold eyes has
    a body no man can resist. Despite
    of her ears and a fox tail, the strange markings
    that she has from her ancestors no body knows
    the name of this seductive, yet dark,possessed
    woman fox.