• Spring

    A gentle caress
    Spring wind blowing from afar
    The trees young, renewed
    Alone no longer, I stand.

    That cruel wind conquered
    Death Black wrested, never more
    In my arms you’ll stay

    Same, yet separate
    Blue sky, green earth. One world
    Forever we stay
    While the time allowed us stands


    Never letting go
    Sky afire overhead
    Gold halos playing
    Safe embrace, with me you’ll stay.

    Here I still remain
    Pain felt, but a memory
    Grass green and soft warmth

    Cool shade, shielding dark
    Remain, us here; never part.
    Light surrounding, hope.
    Time stopping, everlasting


    Frigid wind pulling
    Returning, pain, once again
    Dark Shadows lurking
    Reality comes, howling

    Don’t let go, hold strong.
    Haven remaining, Hope bright
    Never alone, stay

    Surrounding decay
    Shadows lurking, receding
    With you, I’ll stay.
    Pale dawn returning, wanning


    Heartless cold, dark, alone
    Did she leave? Did I let go?
    The sun, shall I find?
    Doubt clawing, Wind at my back

    Save me, I beg you!
    Pain everlasting, Death near.
    Scream’ your name, echo

    Torn apart once more
    Wounds left open, heart bleeding
    I’ll come, wait for me.
    No more tears to shed.


    The pain, gone but there
    Lingering, broken, shadows
    Numb and unfeeling
    The end never came

    Reaching not enough
    Healing what can’t be undone
    Her pain made my own
    Chill winds receding, wounds fresh

    Too late to undo
    Unable to feel, to touch
    Together again
    Light found, a glimmer of hope.

    Spring Again

    Step by Step, Light near
    Warm Current beneath Cold Breeze
    Memories remain
    Clinging to hope, each other

    Stirring life within
    Once glazed eyes made clear, rushing
    As wounds turn to scars
    His Light piercing the Darkness

    Guilt, Pain forgotten
    Shadows flee, destroyed. Hope strong
    Healing together
    Never t’let go, here we stay