• Wood on my finger tips,
    the familiar feeling that tingles my bones.
    The bow on the strings,
    a beautiful sensation.
    Out of nowhere music appears,
    Wrapping around my ears and soul.
    The wind whistles to my tune,
    the birds sing along in response.
    My heart tighten as the music rushes on and on,
    playing forth their own story and tales,
    a language whispered,
    to all who care to listen.
    Light shimmers and dances,
    around and around.
    Partners swirl and twirl,
    as the music takes hold.
    Every note fills the air,
    as clear as crystal,
    yet as light as air.
    Slowly, the tune comes to a halt,
    The light clapping wildly,
    the wind whirling around me,
    the birds twirling in enjoyment.
    A smile lingers on my lips,
    while the curtain slowly falls