• The loss of a friend is never easy to handle.
    It's like looking for the mate of a most beloved sandal.

    Someone asks, "Where did it go?"
    You reply, "I don't know."

    Someone questions, "From whom did it run?"
    You say, "I would at least like to join in on the fun."

    They say chasing shadows is a deadly sin.
    You find yourself thinking of the memories that you wish would never end.

    Time goes by, they tell you the heart will heal.
    But that's no good, it only makes me feel.

    The lost love and the warm laughter are felt no more.
    I guess I'll have to wait for the hereafter, when they plant me in the floor.

    Because when I'm gone I know I'll find you.
    Because to me, you are like my lost shoe.

    The Death of a Friend doesn't mean it's the end.
    Wait for me, my friend.

    I'll see you soon.