• Sadness

    Life is hard and no one can get through life is dying as we know it.
    The tears you cry is the water that is in your heart and wants to come oout of you.
    Your heart and sould is black and white, just like you outside showing everyone you have a bad life.
    You can't sleep at night without waking up in the middle of the night with a nightmare of your child hood.
    The spirit of the loved one that you have lost is all you think about and you wished you could have gone with them instead living here sad.
    You cry and cry but crying doesn't help anyone or anything and at the last minute you noticed that.............sometimes you come too late when things have already happened and you regret yourself for that mistake when you we're suppose to be there.
    You try to fix the mistake by giving up your own life as if you were forced to.
    When you live on the street and sometimes your alon and no one wants you.
    If your pushed around, you get the sadness in you.

    Sadness.................................. crying