• The Blue Jay and the red bird
    Are both two diffrent things
    But when standing side by side
    Both,they will sing.
    They will soar upon thier wings
    Searching for lost love.
    The kind they only see
    In the stars above.

    Flying they go on
    Above the other doubts
    Claiming what is thiers
    Amoung the purest clouds

    Dipping thier feathered hand
    Into the salty sea
    Bringing it back up
    Only to believe.

    That somewhere in the world
    Is thier destiny
    waiting on golden pearches
    In this caged world

    Hopeing for the rainy day
    The strings will be unfurled.
    Singing once again,
    To anyone who'll listen
    Of the tiny little things
    Everyone misses.

    The things such as harmony
    fellowship and trust.
    Things that made the world go round,
    Those replaced with lust.

    Lust for your neighbor,
    lust of the weath,
    Lust to the pure white soul
    Of the dove's brow.

    And oh to dream of just that thing
    That these birds fear most
    Is to cut off thier wings-
    Only just so you can boast.

    The only way to go,
    Is flying above the vest
    And should thier wings get cut
    They were better then the rest.