• I used to be a boy who could breath and talk
    Now i cannot recive joy because I have lost the lock
    I want to see my only mom and dad
    But to see who killed me would only make me mad
    I walk down frozen snow and burning heat
    The only thing I can see is defeat
    I have lost my soul and my will to live
    Tears and sorrow is all that I give
    Now I shatter and fall getting ready to die
    The last thing I see is heaven in the sky
    My last few seconds in this eternal hell
    The last I hear is a beutiful bell
    All that is light is now gone
    Now I know my life is done
    But before I go I do not give a smile or a frown
    I know I wont go up but instead go down
    My soul grows wings and flies to the sky
    First I smile then I die