• Painful is this venomous bite I feel, miserable bite of the black widow spider,

    I close my eyes, and watch from here as the portal to your soul closes even wider,

    From the depths of your mental torture I surface, and reach out to grab your hand,

    It seems as if your own shadow laps at your feet, breaking like waves upon the sand,

    You look around, and although no one is there, you know in your heart you're not alone,

    My path looks dark and evil, but I will perservere, for I have reaped what I have sewn,

    Light is overcome by darkness, some say rain itself comes from angels in the form of tears,

    Ever since you left, it seems that seconds turn into minutes, minutes into days, days into years,

    With feelings of abandonement, I fade away within a whisper, the sun never again to rise,

    If only you knew what endless pain I endure, if you could see the world through an angel's eyes,

    Your life would be changed forever, your heart ripped apart, and maybe then you'd understand,

    Why the largest waves may often choose their fate to crash down upon the shores of a forgotten land,

    From the sea I have cried out of love, I hear the voices call to me, for I am doomed,

    The music draws me closer as I listen, my fate is sealed forever, I am entombed,

    So easily does the hunter become hunted, it seems that the tables may have turned,

    The pain pours down upon my heart, stinging like needles as my soul is burned,

    Since your morbid death I have heard the echoes of your soul calling me across time,

    Should ever my dark soul find the shadow that once was you, should my heart follow the rhyme,

    Beyond the shallow emptiness that once was your heart, I hear your soul's final screams,

    Through the vast forest that creates illusions so complex that reality is distorted, it seems,

    Past the winding rivers that overflow with tears, overtaking the land, as they escape and intertwine,

    Across the dark void which separates one from one, from two, and keeps from me any vital sign,

    Maybe you are alright, but perhaps that can't be true, because your impure soul couldn't pay the final cost,

    Within these miserable dreams and broken promises I disappear, for I am lost.