• Bright light chasing me
    Coughing my way out
    Door after door the light is still following me
    Heat is rising and smoke fills the rooms
    As I round the corner for the exit I hear a slight cry
    I stop and turn to the light
    I must run to the light and the crying
    The light gets hotter as I get closer
    The cry of scared, frightened and trapped gets louder
    My hair is now curling in the heat
    I turn to a door that is closed with the cries inside
    I back up and run as fast as a cheetah towards the door with my shoulder
    The cries are coming from a little girl holding her doll
    The ceiling is about to collapses
    I grab her and jumped out the window
    I put her down and collapsed
    As I closed my eyes the little girl hugged me as saying thanks for saving me
    That was the very last thing I saw