• Can you feel it?
    Can you? Can I?
    Could you, would you, can you tell me?
    I don't know anymore ...

    The crushing weight of nothingness
    Of emptiness
    Describe it for me, please
    Grief? No, rather complete desolation, utter decimation, wreck'd by devastation

    Can you hold it up?
    Arch your back
    Grit, grind, gravel your teeth
    Bear the pain, be the witness, bear the shame and humiliation

    Absolutely no way in hell
    Stopping is too much work
    Any alternatives, other than die?

    But dying is too much work
    So keep straining, sweating
    Wait it out
    Gaze into the abyss

    Once you think
    You've got ahold
    Of the slippery, sloppy, sweet edge of life
    Start walking

    Until you see the paradise
    Up ahead
    Don't run, oh no, don't run
    Don't hasten the way to paradise

    Savor the walk
    Savor the pain
    Like that old Bally Fitness commercial
    Simile too much for you?