• I had cut my hair in anger
    Damn right he's in danger
    Cheating on me with his ex
    I sure hoped they had safe sex
    If she's pregnant, will he be the father?
    *sigh*Why do I even bother?
    Why would he hurt me like that
    When he comes home we will have a little chat
    Hearing the door open, I turned around to yell
    "What the hell!"
    He asked me whats wrong
    I'm not even gonna play that, I have to be strong
    Why would you cheat on me with your, I was cut off
    Cheat on you? Why would I do that?And whats with your hair? He scoffed
    Because I found these, I said while holding up a thong
    He broke down crying saying it was wrong
    He crawled to my feet
    Oh what a defeat
    W-what happened to your hair?
    I said it was to much to bear
    C-can I touch you?
    If you want to
    He started to take of a glove
    Hair grows but can your love?