• Hey, 'sup man.
    Think you can do me a favor and
    Walk over there, don't sit, STAND.
    Thanks, you're being a good friend.

    Okay, can you see me over here?
    No, not me, I mean ME.
    Come on, I'm right here where I stand!
    What are you, blind? I'm waving my hands!

    Oh, wait, that's right.
    You know NOTHING about me and my life.
    A life where battles are constant and I fight
    And fight some more to stay alive.

    I'm not that retarded kid with the stupid smile.
    I'm not that psycho that people like to laugh at and jeer.
    There's a human in this head, with his OWN problems.
    It's not that hard to find him, he is right here.

    What was that? You didn't aniticipate this?
    You assume I'm a mindless being based on YOUR poor analysis?
    Hit REWIND and listen to the verses I wrote after making myself think.
    How I act towards you or others around you don't mean anything.

    Aw, come on, you must have seen this coming.
    Then again, if you did, you would have hit the ground running.
    You just won't face the fact that I can think for myself.
    The THOUGHT of me having a mind makes you bring out a crucifix and pray for some help.

    The Lord won't be in your favor, he'll be in mine.
    I've had to face prejudice of an unknown kind.
    Not the skin, not the clothes, not what I feel within,
    How I PRETEND to be someone on the outside of my skin.

    Yeah, I'm a sophisticated and intelliegent person, you better trust that that's a fact.
    I'm not some confused kid that doesn't know what I am doing one bit.
    You think that someone with no head or mind
    Couldn't write a poem? Dude, I worked hard for this.

    I have feelings too, and are you so blind,
    That thinking and respecting and being kind,
    Is a difficult skill? If it is
    You're out of your mind.

    I KNOW you're not autistic. You don't have
    Asperger's syndrom at a level in the highs.
    You're not ADHD, and you are not dyslexic,
    But why can't you read the signs?

    I'm no retard, I'm no psycho, I'm not mentally ill,
    I'm no dumbass who acts like he is addicted to pills.
    Come on, why are you so doubtful? Just grab my hand
    But only if you can see me for who I am right here where I stand.