• I wake up
    Exited for today..
    I get to see you
    I wait for the phone to ring...
    I wait hours still no call.
    I can't take it I call...
    No answer...
    Some how my world crashes...
    Did you forget?
    Or did you not miss me as much as I missed you...?
    I don't think you know how you make me feel..
    When you touch me my skin crawls
    When you hug me my heart flies
    When I stand near you I feel like I'm going to burst from being to far from you
    And when you kiss me my world spins..
    Do you feel that to?
    I would die for you
    Cry for you
    And smile for you
    Yet when I need you most..
    Your gone...
    With some friends or you don't "feel" like comforting me....
    I....love you with all my heart
    And i could never bear to lose you I would die...
    Finally you pick up
    "Hello?" is your answer...
    I am silent
    Tears slowly roll down my cheek
    I missed you so much....but..
    I don't know anymore how you feel about me...
    All i say is "Im sorry.." then hang up
    You phone worried
    All I could do is cry
    You come over and hold me untill they stop
    You keep whispering "I love you"
    Over and over in my ear
    then i relieze it..
    You feel the way I feel about you...
    And the guilt hits
    I feel sorry for doubtin you
    And all i can say is "I'm sorry, I love you so much"
    And my world is still slowly going....
    But you are there with me...