• You are The lightning that arouses my storm,
    Electricity flickers through the air around you,
    The feeling is boosted from the supercharged waves,
    Drawn together like magnets,
    We race into each others arms,
    The electricity magnifies but never harms us,
    Its the love that we hold so dear for each other.
    Our hearts pulsing to the beat of the lightning,
    Connected with the elements,
    You and me together control our world of love,
    We are the gods of our earth,
    Nature is the essence of our being,
    Love controlling mind, body, and soul,
    You are the queen to my kingdom,
    Love erupts in every inch of this land,
    Neverending desires hold me to you,
    Showing me more and more how much i truely...
    How much i truely do NEED YOU.