• Yes, the irritating people that pressure me in life have inspired this. Than gawd for poetry; it's a good way to vent. >:0

    Interpret the problem
    Still don't know my name
    An identity was sold to me at first light
    Shape me into their hopes, chiseling with carpenter's tools
    Wish I could say there are no strings attached
    My master's the ringmaster
    I have a cord to tread upon
    If I fall off
    No one will put me back together again
    No king's horses and no king's men
    I won't fail, I promise, although I'm asphyxiated
    This was my last swallow
    Bite back indignance
    I bet you think I'm weak
    Am I weak?
    Not a shadow, not a copy
    Lead me by red ribbon, my Star of Bethlehem
    Can't accept it; they're taking roll
    Bear it; the angel will dry your tears
    Force it down, now; just don't choke
    And take your place again in line...