• I Am A Weed

    I never understood
    How cruel you could be to leave
    For centuries without a care,
    While I wait, curled in the snow
    Hollow inside, frozen outside.
    I will be in your absence
    A brittle shell.
    A seed, waiting for Spring,
    For my shoots to unfurl in warmth.
    Am I a rose that requires tending?
    Will I one day rise again and bloom?
    Winter is death, each year,
    The same of the same.
    A dull pain
    From which indifference takes root.
    Everything beautiful in life is linked to you.
    The day you left my petals were ravaged
    By that southwestern wind that used to carry me.
    And I cannot blossom in my crimson red.
    When will you return to encourage me?
    If I am a flower,
    Then without you,
    I am a weed.