• Kiss me now, before I fade away. Hold me now, say all you need to say!
    For this is my last day with you, my love, stay true, my love.

    All this time, I knew this day was coming, afraid to leave, I told you nothing.
    Looking back i wouldn't change a thing, you are my wings.
    Flying higher, ever than before, all because of you knocking at my door.
    Now I must leave you behind...i won't look back, that would just make it too hard on me.

    Angel Wings, carry me away. Angel Wings, even if i want to stay.
    Dawn is breaking, my heart aching, as i return to the gate in the sky.
    Please father, give me one more day to say good bye it's too soon! Why? Why?!Human boy, who captured my heart. Human boy, soon we must part.
    Don't you worry I'll watch over you, you'll be safe just you wait.

    Angel Wings, carry me away. I just hope to return some day.
    Angel Wings, so bright and pure, some day for sure, i'll see him again.