• Hurtful words
    Nighttime cries
    Harsh blows
    Covered by lies

    Pain taken
    Silver blade
    Bloody arms
    Secrets made

    Long sleeves
    Shattered trust
    A want, a need
    Becomes a must

    On the floor
    “its ok hun”
    its not too late

    silent dinners
    parents fight
    god should’ve let her
    die that night

    no use
    horrible fate
    no way to cope
    self hate

    stare in the mirror
    body obsession
    girl stuck
    in silent depression

    starve a little
    miss a meal
    dropping pounds
    till perfection is real

    “I’m too tired”
    “I already ate”
    weak girl
    fighting fate

    scars on arms
    nobody knows
    cuts on wrists
    number grows

    no one notices
    no one to care
    girl sucks it up
    life’s not fair

    clothes don’t fit
    parents don’t see
    trapped soul
    begging to be free

    dreams crushed
    life slipping away
    wont make it
    another day

    hurtful words
    nighttime cries
    blood drains
    one girl dies...