• She couldn't hold in the tears any longer
    Tears of pain ang greif
    Her horrible life had caused her.
    Her mother just passed
    from a bad car wreck
    That she had survived just an hour earlier
    She is bruised and cut
    In the hospital bed
    Her boyfriend walked in
    And slowly said
    "I'm sorry Haylee, but I love someone else"
    And slipped out the door
    without another word more
    She had the pills in her hands
    The more the less pain
    Haylee thought she'd endure
    But the truth is she would never swallow the pills
    A crazy person from the Asylum tore in
    turned on the water
    put in the plug
    Put his hands around Haylee's neck
    Made sure she was snug
    Then dipped her head in
    Haylee couldn't fight it
    He was too strong
    She watched her life fly by,
    all the good times she'd had and just as
    the dreaded moment was appearing
    The moment of Now
    A nurse walked in
    And stopped the old man
    "He's shakin and dillusional
    Been locked in a van"
    Haylee just nodded
    sitting on the floor
    Threw the pills in the toilet
    And flushed it............once
    twice more.
    Haylee thought
    Of the way her life had gone by
    And realized she never wanted to die
    She appologized to god
    And walked to the bed
    With a radiant smile
    Her lips bright red.
    She said good-night
    And layed down to sleep