• Blood drips,
    from the open wound upon her wrist.

    is what every scar screams.
    it's what every cut means.
    Studying the wound,
    comprehending it's depth.....

    The story begins...

    She can explain the knife,
    and the reason behind the slice.
    It all started,
    when she woke up,
    with a hole in her chest.

    The pain was beginning to consume her whole,
    so she temporarily lost control.
    It was hard to breathe,
    and hard to speak,
    painful to try,
    yet easy to lie.

    Taking hits off the surface,
    it was so hard to sleep.
    She cried out to her heart,
    "oh! please just stop!"
    Sobbing in her room uncontrollably,
    clouded by unreasoning gloom.

    This is her story,
    her story of depression.

    It lasted a whole two years,
    before her mom finally noticed something suicidally weird....