• So what if I'm not good for you
    theres not much more I can do
    I sit back and try so hard
    but you have your heart on high guard

    Will you ever let me in
    It's like loving you is a sin
    What have I done wrong
    Maybe I've just loved you too long

    Should I stay and deal
    wishing none of this is real
    or should I leave and forget my heart
    like I had planned to from the start

    i want to cry
    as you silently sigh
    i want to tell you so much more
    than what I've told you before

    the truth is what i want you to know
    and that is how much i love you so
    how much my heart burns for you
    and im lost and so confused

    I want you to hold me tight
    the second you come into my sight
    I want you to never let me go
    but i could never say so

    im not good enough for you
    theres nothing much i can do
    ill just stay back and cry
    as my hearts ability to love will die