• I remember the days,
    I remember the fun,
    i remember your sweet face,
    callin me hun.

    The voicemails you left,
    whenever we fought,
    and the wonderful gifts,
    you always bought, for me.

    You texted me every,
    step of the way,
    you were always faithful,
    up to the day,

    when my life turned around,
    my heart had to drown,
    when you hit the ground,
    i prayed,

    god don't take my special someone,
    he's my light he'll guide my way,
    please don't leave him right here,
    theres so much i didn't say.

    Please keep his heart a'beatin,
    at least until the dawn,
    it's way to hard to live,
    with my love gone.

    i walked along with a bouquet,
    of flowers to put by your grave,
    i closed my eyes began to cry,
    then i felt a hand grab my thigh.

    i look around and saw just darkness,
    i cried,

    god please take care of my lover,
    he was my light he helped me find my way,
    please don't put him in peril,
    or in that grave with him i'll lay because

    i can prove love exists and,
    there were things that went wrong,
    but still its way to hard to imagine you,

    i fell asleep at night,
    woke up in a white place,
    all i could see into the corner,
    was a familiar face,

    he said your so amazing,
    to me your everything,
    if you ever wanna see me,
    you can see me in your dreams.

    i kissed his wet lips,
    i held his red hair,
    i pulled myself onto him,
    and i put my life in his care,

    then i heard a voice and woke,
    saw my mom and saw the clock,
    it was time to go to the lake,
    but i jumped off the dock,

    just before i hit the water,
    couldn't swim it was icy cold,
    i thought back to our promise,
    we would be together old,

    then i opened up my eyes to,
    a nurse looked at my face,

    she said you fell in icy water,
    and yes you almost drowned,
    this sweet boy named brian,
    turned your whole life around,

    he jumped in and he made it,
    & then he pulled you out,
    now he's in the next room,
    you really freaked him out,

    i smiled as he looked at me,
    and the nurse she smiled too,
    i looked up at his face and said,
    we are not really through,

    we hugged and i was sure that,
    this guy was still alive,
    the boy i'd promised to grow old with,
    since the age of 5.

    i said to him please stay here,
    at least until its dawn,
    i really cannot stand it,
    when your gone.